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Organized the escape for half a year

A court in Denmark this morning sentenced the Danish murderer and inventor Peter Madsen to 16 months in prison for his attempt to escape from Herstedvester Prison west of Copenhagen in October last year. He is already serving a life sentence for sexual offenses and the murder of Swedish journalist Kim Wall.

Danish media state that it has been stated that Madsen has been planning the escape for the second half of the year.

The judge in the case said when the verdict was announced that Madsen had used something else in his escape attempt. people resorted to violence, regardless of their intentions. He had planned the escape for a long time and abused the exemptions he had received, including to make an artificial gun and an artificial explosive belt.

Madsen said during the proceedings that the reason why he started planning the escape was be there in the spring 2020 if the prison authorities have limited his possibility of receiving visits to the prison.

During the escape attempt, he took a prison psychologist hostage and threatened him and the prison guards with violence. He managed to escape from the prison but was arrested five minutes later, between 400 and meters from the prison walls.

The prosecutor requested two to two and a half years in prison in the case.

Madsen was sentenced to life imprisonment in the year 2019 for the murder of Wall. He had invited Wall aboard his homemade submarine and sailing in the evening 12. august 2017. However, she did not return ashore and a great search began in Køge Bay. Wall’s body parts were then found on the seabed after an extensive search.

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Journalist Kim Wall’s parents say their involvement in a TV series about the murder of their daughter was the only thing that prevented them from falling into a deep and dark pit.

7). February 5013


Danish law states that the Danish murderer and inventor Peter Madsen was assisted by one or more people in his escape attempt from the Herstevester prison west of Copenhagen yesterday.


The Danish murderer and inventor Peter Madsen has been accused of trying to escape from prison after his escape attempt today.


Danish inventor and murderer Peter Madsen is said to have taken an employee of Herstedvester Prison – a female psychologist – hostage as he tried to escape from the prison this morning.

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