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On the right track after a skull fracture

Raúl Jimé­nez, fram­herji enska knatt­spyrnu­fé­lags­ins Wol­ves, er byrjaður að æfa.

Raúl Jiménez, striker of the English football club Wolves, has started training. AFP

The rehabilitation of Raúl Jiménez, the striker of the English football club Wolves, is going well, but he has started training and moving after breaking his skull in a game with the team in November.

Jiménez was carried off Wolves’ Arsenal clash with Arsenal midfielder David Luiz, who was in hospital for more than a week recovering from the incident. The Mexican had to undergo surgery.

“He has started training and his rehabilitation is going well, it is still a long way to go,” Wolves coach Nuno Santo told Sky Sports. The Wolves have had a hard time drawing without their main goal scorer, having only won 13 from possible 42 points since that Jiménez was injured.

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