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North Korea stole 41 billion ISK

Kim Jong-un, North Korean leader. AFP

An army of North Korean hackers stole more than ($ millions of US dollars from financial institutions around the world over a one-year period. The period in question was from November of the year 2019 to the month of November last year. This is stated in a secret United Nations report that was leaked to CNN.

It is believed that the funds were used to pay for nuclear weapons as well as investments to keep the country’s economy afloat. According to the report, the amount is estimated to be around 316 million dollars, or more 41 billion ISK.

The report states that financial institutions in the West have been hit by hackers. With the funds, the government in that country managed to keep its nuclear project useful as well as upgrade its weapons portfolio.

Working with Iran The North Korean government has long been working on the development of nuclear weapons and it can be assumed that the theft in question is part of that. It is not clear how far the development has come, but experts are debating how powerful the country’s arsenal is.

The report refers to several unnamed sources who say that North Korea’s economy is now in shambles following the epidemic of coronary heart disease. There has been almost no export of coal, which is traditionally the country’s main export product. All trade is at a minimum as the country has closed itself off to protect against the virus.

To keep nuclear activities going, the government there has turned to Iran. It is believed that the countries work closely together and send each other things that are necessary for the development of nuclear weapons. Both countries are now trying to build a nuclear arsenal. The Iranian government has denied cooperation between the two countries.

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