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No one with an active infection at Landspítali and the joy is overwhelming

The result has been achieved in the fight against the coronary virus domestically that now no one is inside Landspítali with an active COVID – 20 smit. Már Kristjánsson, chief physician of the hospital’s infectious diseases department, says that in the minds of the healthcare staff this is a very special day and it should come as no surprise that the hospital staff has borne the brunt of the hard work involved in caring for those most affected by the virus.

“This is incredibly gratifying because we’ve been through this, more or less, since 28. last February, so this has been almost a year. ”

Már says that it is easier for the staff and that this morning they sent each other congratulations on the course. “We in the epidemic committee have been sending emails to each other and I also know that others have been doing it. People are just very happy with this. “

Good results in the epidemic no coincidence

Már thinks that mainly two things has created this great position. On the one hand, it is the power of association and the vigilance of the public that has done extremely well in following the guidelines on distance limits and mask use. On the other hand, it is procedures and experience that have been created within the health system and civil protection, such as infection control, outpatient departments and the doctor’s shift.

“With the establishment of the outpatient department COVID – 19 we could be in contact with every single person who was diagnosed with the infection and monitor them on a regular basis. In this way, we were able to intervene before the admission of a large number of individuals – not all of them – but to dry people, and thus prevent hospitalization. When you put these elements together, I think this is what makes us not quite upside down. We were pretty close to that last spring but then we knew less and were learning about it. For example, there were far fewer intensive care units this autumn, despite the fact that more people were diagnosed with the virus then. “

Landspítali’s staff have been affected a lot during the coronavirus epidemic. Þorkell Þorkelsson

Full reason to be optimistic

It is not only the procedure that works with us now. A great deal of experience and knowledge has been gained since the first wave of the epidemic.

“We also had more specific drugs to order this autumn, such as Favipiravir and Remdesivir and the use of steroids. This is all a lesson that was created at the end of the first wave. Then comes a good sick break over the summer and then when it hits us this fall we prepared for this reaction and special means. All these factors worked together to help us fight the virus in this way, which in fact leads to this happy day today. “

When asked, Már says that there is every reason for Icelanders to be optimistic about the coming months. There is a good system at the border, the nation is cohesive and good knowledge has been created at the hospital, but the vaccination is not least gratifying.

“This military plan to vaccinate the strongest on the one hand and the vanguard on the other is to give us a certain assurance that even if something comes up, we have defended the oldest and most tumultuous ones, but also our front line team. We should therefore not experience similar shocks as we have seen in hospitals abroad where people have been completely deprived, on the one hand due to the sick and elderly and on the other hand due to lack of staff and their illness. “



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Þórólfur Guðnason, epidemiologist, says that he will make proposals for lifting the meeting restrictions sooner than expected if the epidemic continues to be as domestic as it has been in recent weeks.


For the second day in a row, no one was diagnosed with the coronary virus domestically yesterday. No one was detected at the border either.

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