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Nine in Police Custody in Connection with Murder Case

Nine individuals are in police custody in connection with the murder of an Albanian citizen in his 30 s, shot to death in front of his home on the street Rauðagerði, Reykjavík, February 13, Morgunblaðið reports. All nine have been remanded in custody until tomorrow or Wednesday, depending on the person, in the interest of the investigation.

Chief Superintendent Margeir Sveinsson states he is hopeful that will give police sufficient time to solve the case. If not, police will as for the detention to be extended. He tells mbl.is the investigation is proceeding well.

Interrogations continued all weekend and well into last night.

The ninth individual to be remanded in custody is a man in his 40 s, who is a foreign national. He is believed to be one of two arrested Friday.

The individuals in custody are from Iceland, Albania, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain, Estonia and Romania, mbl.is reports.

Police have declined to comment when asked whether the murder weapon has been found.

The murder is believed to be connected to power struggle in the underworld of illegal drugs. Criminologist Helgi Gunnlaugsson, professor at the University of Iceland, told Morgunblaðið last week that “ has all the characteristics of an execution in a most typical Reykjavík neighborhood, ”and that he fears it marks a new reality in Icelandic society.

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