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New drug can reduce body weight by 20%

Lyfið hefur áhrif á matarlystina.

The drug affects the appetite. Photo / Getty Images

Researchers say that a new drug that affects appetite can be crucial in the fight against obesity. The results of their study show that the drug can reduce body weight by up to 20 percent.

Results of a large international study of the drug were published in the New England Journal of Medicine. They showed that more than one third of those who took the drug semaglutide lost more than one fifth of their body weight.

Almost two thousand people participated in the study in 16 countries. The results also showed that three-quarters of those who took the drug lost 10 one percent of their body weight.

The drug has been used for diabetes and works by affecting the appetite so that there are fewer calories.

Rachel Batterham from University College London, one of the main authors of the report, says the results “Very crucial”. “No other drug has come close to leading to such a weight loss. This changes things tremendously, “said Batterham.

” For the first time, people can do with the help of drugs what was previously only possible with surgery. “

Duane Mellor, a nutrition consultant at Aston Medical School in Birmingham, told the BBC that the drug would be a good choice. However, she warned that “a further change in lifestyle is needed to achieve weight loss and any medication or lifestyle changes may involve risks and side effects”.

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