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New church built in Oddi and Sæmundarstofa

A great deal of development is ahead at Oddi in Rangárvellir, because a new church and Sæmundarstofa are to be built there in honor of “Sæmundur Fróði”. Centuries before, Oddi was one of the largest princes’ and educational centers in Iceland and Snorri Sturluson grew up there, among others.

Oddi á Rangárvellir is a historical place . The people of Odda lived there, one of the most significant clans of the national age. Among them were Sæmundur the Wise, the most learned man in the country in his day and Snorri Sturluson to name a few.

Oddafélagið, which is an association of enthusiasts for the reconstruction of the research center at Oddi, is planning a large project on the site because it is planning to build a new church and Sæmundarstofa where there will be a multi-purpose hall for exhibitions, events, receptions, lectures, conferences and private gatherings. Friðrik Erlingsson, writer, was recently hired as project manager of Oddafélag.

“This is a pretty remarkable association and many members are remarkable and have been through the years and done a great job. And now since the archeological excavation began 2017 there has been increased energy in the company’s work and more attention to Oddi as a result, “says Friðrik and adds.

“The biggest project we have in the future and we aim to do is to build Sæmundarstofa in Oddi, together with the new Oddakirkja, which would also be a music hall in the district.”

Friðrik has already started preparing for the Oddahátíð, which will be held at Þingmaríumessa, or on Saturday 3 July this summer. A magnificent festival is being prepared where the South Iceland Symphony Orchestra will perform for the first time in a public concert with the Rangæingir Boys’ Choir, where a new song will be premiered with the poem by Reverend Matthías Jochumsson “Á Gammabrekka.”

Friðrik says that Sæmundur Fróði had a lot to list and that he was an amazing character.

“Yes, he has been named the first Icelandic writer as it is known that he recorded the speech of the King of Norway, which is the first work , which we know to have been written in Iceland. “

Friðrik Erlingsson, newly hired project manager of Oddafélag á Rangárvellir. Friðrik has been on the board of Oddafélag since the year 1999. He is well acquainted with the company’s projects, has written articles about the history of Oddastaður and last summer gave a well-attended lecture in Hläðan á Kvoslækur in Fljótshlíð on “Fingraför Sæmundur fróði.” Submitted

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