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‘Never’: Sir Jim Ratcliffe assures Manchester United fans Sir Dave Brailsford won’t be doing important job

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Sir Jim Ratcliffe had outlined Sir Dave Brailsford’s role at Manchester United and made it clear he won’t be involved in one important thing at the club.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe officially became co-owner of Manchester United last month when his Ineos Group completed the purchase of 27.7 per cent of the club’s Class A shares from the Glazers.

United enjoyed their best day of the new era on Sunday with their remarkable 4-3 FA Cup victory over Liverpool and, hopefully, it will be a sign of things to come.

Ratcliffe is aiming to make big changes at Old Trafford, including to the stadium itself, and it has already begun at board level.

Omar Berrada has been convinced to join as CEO from Manchester City and Newcastle United’s Dan Ashworth is being pursued as sporting director.

Another key figure is Sir Dave Brailsford, who is head of sport at Ineos and is a key advisor to Ratcliffe.

While Brailsford has a big role to play, Ratcliffe insists he will ‘never’ be recommending players for the club to buy as it isn’t his strong suit.

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Sir David Brailsford (2L) and Sir Jim Ratcliffe (middle with Red Scarf)owner of OGC Nice during the Ligue 1 Uber Eats match between AS Monaco and OGC Nice at Stade Louis II on September 22, 2023 in Monaco, Monaco.

Photo by Neal Simpson/Allstar/Getty Images


What is Sir Dave Brailsford’s job at Manchester United?

Speaking on the Geraint Thomas Cycling Club, Ratcliffe said: “It’s a collective but Dave’s the one that’s right in the middle of it all.

“It’s where you start, you need the right organisation structure. If you look at football clubs, in the old days of Alex Ferguson he was the manager.

“We don’t have managers today, we have a coach and a coach would normally report to a sporting director and the sporting director would report to a chief executive.

“So you need to get the – where to put recruitment, where to put strategy – in your organisation right and you need to populate it with the people who are best in class.

“He’s a detail man, he’s rigorous. He’s moved in that world of football, he knows a lot of the people in football.

“But, football’s football. It’s different. Dave wouldn’t profess to ever say we need to buy that player because I think he’s a very good player.

“Dave would never do that because that’s not his skill set. But we have to make sure we have got that skillset at Manchester United.”

This must come as music to the ears of United supporters.

For a decade the club has been hindered by bad appointments in crucial positions.

Ed Woodward and Richard Arnold had little to no football experience yet they were responsible for running the biggest club in the world.

Failure was inevitable but it hasn’t made the last 10 years any less painful.

Now, however, there are promising signs. Ratcliffe is saying all the right things and his actions so far are matching up.

The appointments already made and the ones they are trying to make are all extremely positive.

Experienced figures with not only experience but success in the game are being hired and it will hopefully lead to United’s resurgence.

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