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Monday, December 6, 2021

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Nemanja Matic discloses his nickname in the Manchester United dressing room

El Matador. PP. El Magico.

There are plenty of nicknames in the Manchester United squad and Nemanja Matic has revealed that he also had a moniker bestowed upon him by his teammates.

The Serbian has revealed that he is known as ‘The Wolf’ in the dressing room, even if has little idea why.

“My nickname is The Wolf. They call me The Wolf but I don’t know why,” Matic revealed in a fan QnA on United’s official website.

“You have to ask to them. They call me The Wolf, I don’t know, they said I always find a way to win in the training sessions.

“They say, basically, that I am cheating. I don’t know. Wolves never cheat!”

Elsewhere in dressing room hijinks, Matic claimed himself to be the team’s best-dressed player and named midfield partner Paul Pogba as the funniest member of the squad as he’s so easy to wind up.

“Myself. By far,” he said when asked who has the best fashion sense. “I think sometimes he posts his style on social media and I think people saw why. I don’t want to get involved with it again. If he wants, he can post, okay, but I don’t like his style!

“The funniest character in the dressing room is Paul. Paul always gets angry and it is funny to watch him. Erm, someone else… no, I will say Paul.”

When pressed if he enjoyed getting Pogba wound up, Matic simply replied: “Yes.”

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