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Sunday, September 19, 2021

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More southerly direction and snowfall in all parts of the country

There will be little change in the weather today which has been fairly stable in recent days, as stated by a meteorologist on the Icelandic Meteorological Office’s website.

This is forecast for the northeast three to ten meters per second today but stronger winds in the Westfjords and Breiðafjörður.

Snowfall or sleet in most places, although precipitation is lowest in the West. It will continue to be quite cold in the country, frost in the range of zero to ten degrees but the temperature at the freezing point in the south.

says in the meteorologist’s reflections .

Weather forecast in the country:

Norðaustan 3 – m / s en – 15 northwest. Slight snowfall in the north of the country but flowing in the south of the country.

Southerly direction, 5 – 13 tomorrow but northeast 5 – 10 in the Westfjords. Snowfall with sections, especially in the south and west of the country. Frost 0 to 10 degrees but temperature around and above freezing point to the south.

On Wednesday:

Variable direction 5 – m / s and in many places a little snow or sleet but slower wind in East Iceland in the morning. Frost 0 to 7 degrees, but no frost in the south.

On Thursday:

Suðaustan 8 – 10 m / s, eel and temperature around and above freezing in the south and west of the country, but slower wind, dry and frost 0 to 5 degrees northeast.

On Friday:

Southeast 8 – 13 m / s, sharpening to the south. El south and temperature 0 to 4 degrees. Clear with sections and light frost in the north of the country.

On Saturday:

A certain southeasterly night with sleet and later rain but little precipitation in the North. Warm weather.

On Sunday:

Southeasterly night and rain but still little precipitation to the north. Temperature 3 to 8 degrees.

On Monday:

Look for a southeasterly direction with a little rain in the south and southeast of the country but otherwise bright with sections. Warm weather.

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