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“Mom stays with Liverpool and Dad stays with Everton” (video)

Stephen Warnock, a former Liverpool player, says the clash between the club and Everton is quite special.

He says the reason is that an enormous number of families in the city are made up of supporters of both teams.

His family is one such. “In so many families, like mine, for example, it splits up. My mom stays with Liverpool, my dad stays with Everton, my brother does too and I think with Liverpool. It’s quite unique within the city, “says Warnock.

In the player above, Warnock discusses the city battle in more detail and how his experience is and has been of the battle, but Warnock himself played in three of these during his career. Liverpool.

Liverpool will host Everton in the English Premier League tomorrow at 17. 30. The game will be shown live on Siminn Sport and the warm-up starts at 17.

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