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Mitchell's amazing reason why Utah is the hottest team in the NBA

The Utah Jazz is currently the best team in the NBA in basketball with 08 wins and only five losses. Donovan Mitchell has been their best man but he scored 15 points in a great victory over the Boston Celtics earlier this week.

The importance of Mitchell was discussed in an article on the sports media The Athletic by the amazing 72 – 72 Jazz’s victory over the Celtics.

“Mitchell was the best player on the field at the peak. He was the player with the most energy. He was the player who took the shots when needed. He was the one who made all the big decisions in the attacking game, “says the article.

Mitchell’s teammates also have been great so far this season. These include Rudy Gobert, Joe Ingles, Bojan Bogdanovic, Mike Conley and even Jordan Clarkson, who has been coming off the bench. Despite the great performances of these players, it is Mitchell who decides how high the Utah Jazz’s ceiling is, whether the team can really fight for the title.

Utah scored 72 points against the Celtics as previously stated. Despite that, the Boston defense was not bad in the game, Mitchell just had the cheat code and had answers to everything Boston threw in front of him. Especially towards the end of the game but Mitchell came to 20 points in the last five minutes of the game.

“Last year or the year before I would not have found Rudy towards the end of the game. Working heals everything. I think we’re just working on ways to win games. We still don’t just want to win games in the league, “Mitchell said after the game against Boston.

The Jazz got into an odd game against the Denver Nuggets last season, something Mitchell took for granted. He returned to training only a few days later, both with a ball and then in the weight room. He promised himself – and the media – that he would never fall in the first round of the finals again.

“We have dropped out early two years in a row. We need to get through that obstacle. We want to win the championship. “

The big question is whether Utah’s good performance will continue and whether the club can finally get further than in the first round of the finals.

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