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Minister fired for saving his friends vaccination

Violation of own rules Until Wednesday, vaccination in Argentina was restricted to healthcare professionals, as instructed by the authorities, in this case the Ministry of Health.

On Wednesday, vaccinations for people 70 aged and older began in Buenos Aires. The scandal erupted when journalist 71, a year-old journalist Horacio Verbitsky, boasted in a radio interview that he had been vaccinated much earlier, as he was a friend of the Minister of Health.

According to the Argentine media, more people have been vaccinated, who are not in priority groups but much better connected to high-ranking politicians, including government ministers.

Two million infections, 5. 000 Deaths About two million people have been diagnosed with the coronavirus that causes COVID – 19 in Argentina and over 5 000 died from the disease. Vaccination began in the country, where about 44 millions live, in December.

President Fernandez was among the first people to be vaccinated with the vaccine used. This was done, among other things, to convince the public about the safety of the vaccine, but Argentina is among the countries that have bet on Russia’s Sputnik in the fight against the epidemic.

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