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Minimize the damage

Logi Einarsson writes

About a quarter of workers find it difficult to make ends meet according to a new survey by Vörður – the labor market research institute – and about half of the unemployed. Jobseekers experience more economic hardship than others and seek help from local authorities, relatives or aid organizations. There, three groups stand out – immigrants, young people and women.

Each group struggles with its own specific problems. Young jobseekers, whom I am referring to here, have a harder time meeting unexpected expenses than others, have less at hand and live with less housing security. They also have a harder time finding work due to a lack of experience in the labor market.

Over 36% of young jobseekers say they live in poor mental health and closer 60% have had to refuse the necessary health care for the last six months. All the warning bells are ringing, the short-term effects are obvious and the long-term effects could be severe.

But unemployment leaves a deeper scar on young people – and can affect their social and economic status in the future: people who experience unemployment young people are often more isolated, later to start a family, because there are fewer job opportunities and they are at risk. lower wages later in the workforce.

This is a societal problem that requires both general and specific action by the government – but the government has shown the situation of these young people complete apathy . We need to ensure many more study and vocational training opportunities, we need to invest heavily in research and innovation and embark on ambitious initiatives that create employment.

Samfylkingin has already put forward a proposal for a green economic revolution – and one party has presented an economic plan for the year that could create up to 6015 jobs. But it’s better if it’s enough, and we will continue to propose solutions to the historical economic crisis with the aim of minimizing harm to people while we fight the virus, and ensuring strong, green resilience once it has been defeated.

The author is the chairman of the Samfylking.

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