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Mengi’s respect for Rooney and Rams

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“Obviously, with Wayne, he demands high levels from us. He demands 100 per cent from us every single day and it’s really good because it will make you a better player. He’s gone and done it himself, as you know, so it’s great playing for Wayne.

“It was a good boost to be Man of the Match against Barnsley recently, which was a tough game by the way,“ he continued. ”We had to dig in for 90 minutes and I think that’s the thing about Championship football. Not just against Barnsley and that’s football really.

“It’s good experience for me to be able to have those concentration levels throughout the whole game against tough opposition in a tough league. It was a positive for me.

“There are a lot of learning points for me in that league which is why I think I’m blessed to be there and grateful to be there. To be given the opportunity to play as much as I have and given as much game time as I have because I can learn so much. Even just training and being around the lads and being around the gaffer, because of his experience, I just learn so much.

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