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Manchester United Targets Zion Suzuki, Who Is Rising In Belgium

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During the previous summer transfer window, Manchester United was initially looking for a new goalkeeper. And now, that initial target has turned out to be the best goalkeeper in his league even though they eventually signed Andre Onana.

Currently playing for Sint-Truiden in Belgium this player is 21-year-old Japanese talent Zion Suzuki. The scouting department of Manchester United is frequently criticized for this fault but this criticism isn’t always warranted.

Zion Suzuki

They’ve seen a lot of talent over the years that the higher-ups later passed over. Notable examples include Moises Caicedo and Erling Haaland who the CIES market value tool currently values at a combined £280 million. Manchester United’s owners INEOS are committed to increasing the quality of their scouting work.

Better decisions could be made going forward especially with Jason Wilcox as the club’s new technical director. Zion Suzuki was recognized as a top goalkeeping prospect by Manchester United in the summer of 2023. But Suzuki insisted on receiving guarantees of playing time so he declined their £5 million offer.

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Instead he relocated to Belgium’s Sint-Truiden. His choice was wise since DataMB has rated him as the best goalkeeper in the Belgian league with a performance index score of 94, eight points better than the next-best goalie. Manchester United scouts are still intrigued by Suzuki because of his phenomenal stats.

Also, Altay Bayindir, the reserve goalkeeper at United is expected to leave the club this summer so they might need to find a new backup target. Manager Erik ten Hag hasn’t been won over by Bayindir who has only made one FA Cup appearance and gave up two goals to Newport.

Zion Suzuki

Manchester United might make a comeback for Suzuki because Bayindir might be leaving. They may need to give him more playing chances this time around maybe as a cup goalkeeper in order to draw him in. Although he would cost more than £5 million which was reported the previous season.

Suzuki would still probably be a reasonably priced option despite his growing value. Suzuki’s signing would allow him to study under Onana who overcame a difficult beginning to play a key role in Manchester United’s victory in the FA Cup final. Suzuki might take a lot of inspiration from Onana’s tenacity and aptitude.

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Suzuki may later overtake Onana or establish himself as a solid number two during the ensuing years. In summary, Zion Suzuki was a free agent last summer but his outstanding performances in Belgium indicate that Manchester United ought to try again to sign him.

Suzuki has the potential to develop into a useful member of the team who can provide reliable backup and even emerge as a major player in the future if given the proper encouragement and chances.

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