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Manchester United Considering Swap Deal For Greenwood

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Atletico Madrid’s Joao Felix could be traded for Mason Greenwood by Manchester United according to several reports. Having played on loan at Getafe for the previous season, Greenwood was named the club’s “Player of the Season” showing signs of growth in his career.

He still has a damaged reputation though because of previous scandals and United wants to get rid of him without upsetting their supporters any more. A number of elite teams including Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus have expressed interest in Greenwood as a result of his outstanding performances during his time at Getafe.

Mason Greenwood

Even though he would rather remain at Getafe, he is also seriously considering taking a position at a more prestigious club. Manchester United is considering a trade involving Mason Greenwood and Joao Felix according to an explosive Daily Star report.

Felix was on loan at Barcelona for the previous campaign. But it’s said that his relationship with Diego Simeone, the coach of Atletico Madrid, is irreparably damaged so, making a comeback to Madrid is extremely unlikely.

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Also, Felix’s recent form has not been attractive enough to draw other European clubs willing to meet Atletico Madrid’s £55 million asking price and Barcelona while benefiting from his services on loan is unable to afford to sign him permanently.

Now, Manchester United sees a chance to take advantage of Atletico’s interest in Greenwood by suggesting a trade. Joao Felix is considered a possible asset for United. He had a brief and unimpressive loan spell at Chelsea before joining Barcelona.

Joao Felix

Felix is still a very talented player who might be able to find his form in the Premier League despite his difficulties. Though it may seem unlikely both parties could stand to gain from this possible swap agreement. It would be a wise strategic move for Manchester United to get rid of Greenwood without causing any more controversy.

They might have more attacking options if they were to acquire Joao Felix as he is a versatile forward. However, Greenwood a bright young player who might flourish with a new start away from the Premier League spotlight would come to Atletico Madrid. The club is hesitant to reintegrate Greenwood into the squad because of his off-field problems which have complicated his situation at Manchester United.

The possible Joao Felix trade would solve this conundrum by bringing a well-known player to Old Trafford and enabling Greenwood to continue his career in a new setting. This move highlights Manchester United’s strategic efforts to restructure their squad while handling delicate player situations even though its viability is still unknown.

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