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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Man United: Peter Schmeichel attacks André Onana

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If Manchester United is currently going through a total crisis, it is largely due to several parameters including the poor form of Cameroonian goalkeeper André Onana, recruited during the last summer transfer window for 52.5 million euros from the Inter Milan. When asked about it, former glory Peter Schmeichel believes that Andre Onana’s poor start to life at Manchester United has started to affect the morale and confidence of his teammates, as the Cameroonian’s error-prone performances have cost them dearly. Red Devils: “I think a lot of Onana’s mistakes are due to pressure. I spoke to him after Bayern. I also spoke to him after Galatasaray and he was very disappointed with the mistakes he made. But you have to wait to think about it and analyze it after the match or the night or whatever. You have to be ready for the next match. If you are not, you will make the next mistake again. And now all his mistakes have upset the balance of the team. They’ll never trust him again, and my god, that’s not good for him.”declared the former Danish international goalkeeper. Written by:Manu TournouxManu Tournoux is a passionate and knowledgeable football enthusiast with a special focus on French football. Born and raised in France, Manu discovered his love for the beautiful game at a young age and developed a deep understanding of the ins and outs of “Le Championnat.” His French roots and extensive experience in football journalism have made him an invaluable asset to the French Football Weekly team. As an author for the website, Manu’s expertise includes not only in-depth analysis of Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 matches but also insightful profiles of up-and-coming talents, detailed transfer news, and engaging coverage of the French national team. His captivating writing style and undeniable passion for the game have earned him a loyal following among our readers. When he’s not crafting engaging articles for French Football Weekly, Manu enjoys attending live matches whenever he can, exploring football culture in various French cities, and engaging in spirited debates with fellow fans. Feel free to follow Manu on Twitter and interact with him as he shares his expert opinions, insights, and love for French football.

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