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Monday, December 6, 2021

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Man United admit tailoring players’ social media strategy

After Bruno Fernandes’ social media team got things very wrong recently by posting something meant for an Arsenal player, it highlighted the need for authenticity from players when operating their accounts.

It followed a similar issue with Marcus Rashford’s a short while ago.

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A video has now come to light where Man United’s CEO of Media admitted that the club will tailor the players’ social media strategy.

?? “I think it’s really about trying to understand what narrative they want to tell and then we’re here to support that narrative”.

Some fascinating insights on the latest #StreamTime podcast from the CEO of Media at @ManUtd – Phil Lynch.

Listen now? https://t.co/znABrixUEy pic.twitter.com/ve6sBLTfhz

— SportsPro Influencers (@SP_Influencers) November 1, 2021

That’s sent former player, Gary Neville, into a mini-meltdown on Twitter, with fans of the club surely siding with Neville on this occasion.

Devastating for the players this video ! A senior club employee stating publicly that the club and players social media teams are attempting to control their own fans is social engineering not comms advice. All the work Rashford and others have done is diminished by this video! https://t.co/e9ROKX4mJ7

— Gary Neville (@GNev2) November 8, 2021

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