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Liverpool have made more gains than losses in the market in recent years

Liverpool have not spent much on new players in recent seasons compared to their neighbors from Manchester City and this is clearly seen in an informative report by the CIES Football Observatory.

Many people are wondering about Liverpool’s tactics in the transfer market following the fact that sages feel they lack the width of the Liverpool team to be able to keep up with the two Manchester teams.

That’s it at least it is clear that Liverpool are costing players much less money than Manchester City and Manchester United when comparing what clubs buy and sell from players over the past five years.

The CIES Football Observatory has been make the acquisitions and sales of clubs recently and put them in context with recent seasons.

In one of the CIES summaries, an interesting comparison was made between the three teams in the English Premier League today or the teams Manchester City, Manchester United and Liverpool.

Below you can see the last five seasons il and how much these three clubs have come out in the plus or minus in their trade with players.

As can be seen in this graphic, Manchester City and Manchester United have spent much more on players and they have never been a plus in their dealings with players. City came out on top one season but otherwise both clubs are always in the red.

Liverpool, on the other hand, have made more money in player sales than the team has lost. In three of the last five seasons, Liverpool have received more money for player sales than the club has paid for new players.

There is also a huge difference in the net spending of these three clubs.

Manchester City have spent a total of 631 million euros more on players bought than the club has received for the sale of players. Manchester United are not far behind with 129 a million euros minus.

Liverpool, on the other hand, have just spent 129 millions of euros more for new players than the club has gotten back by selling players instead.

Now the question is whether Jürgen Klopp will come with this summary to his next meeting with the board to press for permission to spend on new players next summer.

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