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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

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Live: Evening News Stations 2

There is a slim chance that a Pfizer vaccine test will be carried out. A meeting with scientists from the pharmaceutical company ended in the sixth hour and Birgir Olgeirsson was our reporter and got the first reaction from Kári Stefánsson.

He says that we are victims of their own success, the infections are too few daily and therefore it is not possible to investigate the direct and indirect effects of the vaccine on Icelanders.

Detailed interview with Kári Stefánsson about the vaccine agreement and how it will be continued in Stöðvar’s evening news 2.

Þórólf Guðnason, epidemiologist, will also be interviewed in a live broadcast about the case.

During the news period, we will also talk to the CEO of Icelandair, who says there is considerable uncertainty about how many employees will be able to be hired this summer. We show a solidarity meeting at Arnarhóll and tell about all the main things abroad.

This and much more in the evening news on the interconnected channels of Station 2 and Bylgjan.

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