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Kurr at a local council meeting after representatives of Arion Bank announced plans to cut costs

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Fulltrúar Arion banka kynntu hugmyndir um skerðingu á bankaþjónustu á Blönduósi á fundi sveitarstjórnar í gær. Fulltrúar Arion banka kynntu hugmyndir um skerðingu á bankaþjónustu á Blönduósi á fundi sveitarstjórnar í gær.

Representatives of Arion Bank presented ideas for a reduction in banking services in Blönduós at a meeting of the local council yesterday .
Vísir / Vilhelm

The local government of Blönduósbær strongly opposes Arion Bank’s planned plans to close its branch in the town and has instructed the mayor to review the future of the municipality’s banking business.

In Minutes The local government

says that the bank’s services have been significantly reduced in recent months and that this development began before the pandemic. Representatives of Arion Bank announced the planned changes at a meeting of the local council yesterday.

“The local government entrusts the mayor, in consultation with the local council, to examine and make proposals for further response to the bank’s announced closure, with a view to the future. the municipality’s banking business. “

Is this not in the first time that the local government makes Arion Bank’s service cuts a topic of discussion, but in May last year Hveragerðisbær threatened to transfer banking transactions from the bank after it decided to close its branch in the town.

Those statements seemed to have little effect on the bank’s intentions that merged the branch with another branch in Selfoss and it turned out that no bank now has operations in Hveragerði. Later, the town council received the answers from the other two commercial banks that neither of them was interested in opening a branch in the town.

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Its operations will be merged with the bank’s branch in Selfoss.



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