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Korpuskóli is empty despite Hjallastefna's interest

Parents of children in Korpuskóli strongly protested the closure, but as the number of students had decreased 59, the cost per student was almost double that of other students according to Skúli Helgason, chairman of the school and the Leisure Council. The school could reopen when the number of children increased to 150 but it was built for 170 – 190 students.

The city promised to emphasize that ways would be sought for Korpa’s housing to continue to be used for school and leisure activities, with the aim of parents having a choice of school and leisure facilities for their children. There have been no such activities in the building since the school closed, but the current zoning plan assumes schooling in the building.

No agreements with Hjallastefna The building was advertised in the city for rent 28. July last year. According to information from Hjallastefn, parents were interested in continuing their schooling there. Hjallastefnan applied to run a pre-school and primary school in the building and its representatives were invited to a meeting with the city. There they were told that half of the house had already been rented for activities on behalf of the city. Since half of the premises had been allocated, Hjallastefn did not intend to run a school in such a space, but applied to run a kindergarten there instead. The city has not continued discussions with the Hjallastefn about that proposal

According to answers from the City of Reykjavík’s real estate department, there is no tenant now for the building that is empty, but the fire brigade in the capital area has been allowed to use the building temporarily for training and education – .

Much less life in the neighborhood In the recently concluded idea competition in comment portal on Betri Reykjavík was the most popular idea for Grafarvogur to reopen a primary school in Staðahverfi, 400 people recommended it.

Sævar Reykjalín who was the chairman of the parents’ association in Korpuskóli and A family father in Staðahverfi says that it is most important for parents in the neighborhood that they find much less life in the neighborhood.

“There are all shuttles and pick-ups and the children go back out of the neighborhood. “They no longer have the option of going home and changing clothes after school for sports, so there is much less life in the neighborhood in play and work,” he says. There are about 1.7 km in Engjaskóli for the youngest kids from Korpuskóli.

A walking light has recently been installed Regarding transport improvements that the city decided on and were the preconditions for closing the school, Sævar says: “These were improvements that were long overdue. . It took far too long to shed light on the most dangerous intersections, “he says. They came up a few days ago at an intersection at the roundabout at Korpúlfsstaðavegur and Víkurvegur.

Sævar knows of at least three examples of people moving out of the neighborhood due to school closures. It is more difficult to sell apartments because there is no school in the neighborhood and then the buyers were rather older people who do not have primary school children to support.

“The number of children in the neighborhood will not increase while the school is closed ” ” Parents are very unhappy, “says Valgerður Sigurðardóttir, city representative of the Independence Party who sits on the school and leisure council. She is one of those who is in favor of reopening Korpuskóli. “The number of children in the district will not increase while the school is closed,” she says.

The local area is one of the areas where the mayor announced that congestion would be expected in the changes to the extended zoning to 2040 which is currently being discussed in the City Council. It has not been approved. The current zoning plan does not provide for an increase in the number of apartments in the neighborhood.

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