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Klúður Se og Hør: “Here is a double murderer on his birthday in Iceland in 2017”

The gossip magazine Se og Hør made a serious mistake in its coverage of the murder of Freyja Egilsdóttir Mogensen. The paper published a picture of a man, although unclear, and claimed that it was Freyja’s murderer. The man’s daughter confirms to Lokalavisen in Aarhus that the man in the picture is her father, not Flemming Mogensen at all, Freyja’s father and murderer.

Lokalavisen says in its coverage that the man is not really like the killer. Sources in Iceland and the family members of the man from whom the photo was published have confirmed this.

“This is not good. This is my father, “says the man’s daughter to Lokalavisen. The family, who are in shock due to the murder of Freyja, do not want to comment further on the case. Dísa María Egilsdóttir, Freyja’s sister, says that the family will seek redress with lawyers. Vísir has also received confirmation of this.

Under the article Se og Hør, where the man could be seen alone on an outdoor platform with a gas grill in the background, it said: “Here is a double murderer on his birthday in Iceland this year 2017 “.

Said to have traveled with the family to Iceland

Fréttastofa Stöðvar 2, Vísir and Bylgjan recently received an e-mail from a man who said he was well acquainted with Freyja’s family. He had traveled with his family to Iceland and had photos he offered for sale along with an interview.

Lokalavisen reports on a similar offer received by the Danish media, including Lokalavisen. It is not possible to say at this time whether it is the same man who sold the Se og Hør pictures.

The title of Se og Hør’s article was “A friend reveals scary details about Freyja’s relationship with her ex-husband”.

There were various items kept by anonymous friends of the family who said they had traveled often with the family to Iceland. He claimed to Se and Hør that Freyja had found significant abnormalities on the killer’s computer. This has not been confirmed in other media and the Danish police have not provided information on individual aspects of the investigation into the murder.

Remove the article from the newspaper’s website

The editor of Se og Hør in Denmark says that the man who sold the photo to the newspaper, either by mistake or on purpose, sent some wrong pictures.

Neils Pinborg, editor in chief of Se og Hør, says it’s devastating to think that a man in Iceland had identified himself in the picture but had meant the picture so that his face was blurred. He encourages the person in question to call him in order to get to the bottom of the matter.

The news has been removed from Se og Hør’s website but in a newer an article on the paper’s website admits that the paper made a mistake. Pinborg does not want to confirm that the man who claimed various things about Freyja and Flemming’s relationship in the paper also sold the pictures to the paper, which were wrongly claimed to be of Freyja’s murderer.

Fréttastofa contacted Freyja’s family members who wanted to so do not discuss the matter at this time.

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