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Kari says that there will be no Pfizer investigation

“At the meeting we discussed all sorts of possibilities to gain new knowledge by doing such an experiment in Iceland and the result was that we have too few cases for that to be possible. That view cannot be shared. We are victims of our own success, “says Kári.

He says that we must not forget that the only justification for putting 500. 000 Dosage of the vaccine to Iceland before the series that has formed in Europe would be that it could learn something from the experiment that would benefit the rest of the world.

“Due to the small number of cases, it is very likely that it would be difficult.”

But this was before the meeting. “It was certainly known before this meeting that there were not many cases. But what was done at this meeting was to go over all the things that could be learned from doing such an experiment in Iceland and when it was all gone over, those who were at the meeting did not think it was enough a bit to justify what would go into this experiment. ”

Did this surprise you? ” No, it did not occur to me surprise. ”

Is it possible to seek discussions with other pharmaceutical companies? ” We could not justify encouraging people to bring vaccines to Iceland ahead of other nations if it is not possible to make a proper experiment out of it. ”

So this is off the table? ” I think it’s very likely. ”

Was this the final answer and the final result? ” To my ears, this sounded like the final answer and final conclusion. And this also sounded like a conclusion that I do not trust myself to share. ”

The experiment was first discussed shortly before the end of the year after Þórólfur Guðnason, epidemiologist, and Kári Stefánsson started talking about this with Pfizer representatives and since then there have been various speculations about its implementation and timing. Þórólfur said in a conversation with the news agency in December that Iceland offers very good and unique conditions for research of this kind. Here all infections were sequenced and the border was closely monitored. Few countries have the capacity to monitor the progress of the coronary virus epidemic like Iceland.

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