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Kári is thinking of revenge after Kalli's evil toilet roll prank

A week ago, Karl Örvarsson was an imitator in a group of good friends and decided to act on a game.

The idea came up in the group to make fun of. As many people know, Kalli is an expert in imitating Kári Stefánsson. Those friends found the phone number of Kári’s neighbors and called. It was then recorded on a video that can be seen below.

Vísir talked to Kalli but he was a bit taken aback when he realized that the video had fallen into the hands of a rock-hard investigative journalist but recovered soon, because it’s a lot of fun. He says they first hit a neighbor who just laughed at him and slammed. It would have been better with the next one, Svein. Which responded quickly. Sjón is richer in history.

Editing: Kalli Örvarsson’s phone number

“I have talk to Kári. That’s how he has talked about me being his inner self. So I sent him a message to the effect that it might have gone to waste and become an ax, “says Kalli.

It was on Tuesday but by then Kalli had fluctuated between having morale over the prank and to think, or rather hope, that this was okay. But doubts arose so he decided to surrender.

Revenge comes when Kalli has no evil hopes

“You should not think, Karl Örvarsson,” says Kalli and imitates Kári and their conversation, “that you can come up with this without getting anything back. And it will happen when you least expect it. “

Kári who is planning revenge but Kalli says that he has otherwise taken this well and had a sense of humor for the prank. And no one was hurt.

Kalli says that in the television there was a show called Tekinn. Then one was arguing with another. Now it was the case that no one who took part knew about it and therefore it can be called Tvítekinn.

“It is said that Kári was knocked on the door, he just rolled up and said: Hopefully you will recover. maganum. And got the answer: There’s nothing wrong with me… or, I do not quite know how that conversation took place. “

Those friends met earlier this winter in Bíta and got on well with them.

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