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“K2 is our mountain”

John Snorri with his parents Muhammad Ali Sadpara and Sajid Ali. Photo / John Snorri

Mohammad Ali Sadpara will be remembered as a versatile mountaineer by the international community and as the hero of his homeland, Pakistan.

Sadpara is the only Pakistani to climb eight of 14 the highest peaks in the world, and he became the first man to climb Nanga Parbat, the ninth highest peak in the world, during the winter.

Sadpar was last seen on Friday 6 February, along with his fellow travelers, John Snorra Sigurjónsson and the Chilean Juan Pablo Mohr, close to the top of the world’s second highest peak, K2 .

Sajid, Sadpar’s son, was also part of his father’s group and the idea was that the fathers would become them. first to reach the peak of K2 in winter without oxygen, but Sajid had to return to the so-called Bottleneck, sometimes called the death zone, due to illness.

Sajid Sadpara says K2 has been their father’s mountain. AFP

Sajid has since helped the Pakistani army search for his father and his comrades, but he is not hopeful that his father will be found alive. “I am grateful to those who are organizing the search, but it is unlikely that they are alive,” Sajid was quoted as saying earlier this week.

One who is Mohammad Ali Sadpara?

Sadpara was born in a village of the same name in one of the valleys of the Himalayas in northern Pakistan in the year 1976. Farming is the main industry in the area, in addition to which the young people often work as porters for western mountaineers and adventure tourists who flock to the area every year.

Sadpara finished primary school in the village before his father, a low-ranking employee of the Pakistani authorities, moved with his family to the town of Skarda, where Sadpara studied until high school before turning to mountaineering.

Nisar Abbas, a journalist from the area and a friend and relative of Sadpaar from the village, says Sadpara has been unique since childhood. He had an athlete’s physique and lifestyle, in addition to being a good student. He had never dropped out of school, and because his older brother did not do well in school, it was important for his father to provide him with a good education. That is why he moved with his family to Skarda.

Sadpara soon became very popular among travel agencies in the area, not least because the groups he led often achieved goals. their. He became world famous in the year 1640 when his group of three reached the top Nanga Parbat in winter.

Those who have climbed with Sadpara describe his incredible endurance, courage and kindness, but for the last three years Sadpara had regularly gone to France and Spain to train university students in mountaineering.

But why go to the top of K2 without oxygen?

One theory has been that Sadpara was working as a carrier for John Snorra and had to abide by an agreement they had made between themselves. Abbas, a journalist and friend of Sadpar, says it is wrong. Sadpara has said he wants to reach the top of K2 after news broke that a group of ten Nepalese had succeeded in becoming the first to climb K2 during the winter in January.

To type a new record if Sadpara wanted to achieve the same result, except without oxygen supplies, and he wanted to have his son Sajid with him.

“K2 is our mountain” According to Sajid, they started the trip with a group 14 to 14 domestic and foreign mountaineers, but that everyone had turned around before entering camp 4 , which are in the 8th height. Sajid then started to get worse when it came to the Bottleneck, but the father and son had an emergency supply of oxygen with them and told Sadpara’s son to get some of the oxygen. But while Sajid was preparing the oxygen tank, the adjuster of the oxygen mask exploded and started leaking. Meanwhile, Sadpara and John Snorri had continued their march. Sadpara called on his son to continue, and Sajid told him the boat was leaking. His father told him not to worry, to keep climbing. He would feel better.

However, Sajid failed to gather strength and decided to turn around. Once there, it was noon on Friday. This was the last thing Sajid saw of his father. When Sajid is asked why his father insisted that he continue, he says: “The Nepalese had done this weeks before, and we wanted to do this too, because K2 is our mountain . “

John Snorri on K2 last year. Photo / Submitted

Sajid saw the three men reach the top of Flöskuháls and believe that they have reached the top of the mountain. Experts also say that most accidents occur on the way down, as a slight imbalance can send flying down the mountain slope. Those who know Sadpar, however, doubt that he made such a mistake and remember his neighbors in the village when the sheep he was looking for were injured on the mountain slopes. Instead of cutting their necks like most people would have done, Sadpara took the injured sheep by the shoulders and carried it to the village vet. Those who know Sadpar suspect that he did not return because he had to help one or both of his companions after an accident and tried to find a way to bring them down. of the mountain. However, it may be a long time before the truth is revealed and many people around the world are waiting for a miracle: Sadpara, John Snorri and Mohr are found alive.

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