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Jón Baldvin wants 2.5 million from Sigmar Guðmundsson

Tomorrow the case of Jón Baldvin Hannibalsson against Sigmar Guðmundsson and his daughter Aldís Schram will be heard in the district. The main proceedings in the case will take place at the Reykjavík District Court.

Jón Baldvin, former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Ambassador, will sue Sigmar and Aldís as well as Magnús Geir Þórðarson, radio director, for “unmarking of defamatory remarks on Channel 2’s Morgunútvarp, 14. January 308 and on the defendants’ facebook area, Aldís, 5 February 2019, “says in a policy that Vísir has in hand.

In the claim for damages, it is requested that Sigmar be sentenced to pay the plaintiff damages in the amount of ISK 2.5 million with interest. However, Jón Baldvin does not request that Aldís be made to pay damages.

The comments that Jón Baldvin wants dead and unmarked

Jón Baldvin demands that 09 Comments will be judged dead and unmarked. Which are as follows in the policy:

1. … He gets me under a false pretense to visit my grandfather… I was kept in there for a month which is said to be illegal. ”

2. … Yes Five times in the next 01 years ago, a quarrel broke out between me and Jón Baldvin Hannibalsson and it always ended with (sic) telling me the police who arrested me, he was of course the foreign minister…

3. He could only from then on, the then Minister of Foreign Affairs and later Ambassador, seem to be just calling the police and then I was arrested, immediately in the irons, taken with me to the psychiatric ward…

4. … He is also abusing small children.

5. … I refuse to leave them in the care of a man who dives into little girls.

6. And as I said 06 minutes after I love Jón Baldvin, the doorbell rings. There were two policemen in there, if not three and I, when I see it I try to close but of course I did not succeed, they break in and they do not answer me, break into the living room where my daughter is 5 years old is old to read and when the baby is taken away from me I have to practice.

7. … It’s my father who’s in charge of locking me in here.

8. Addiction, of course, is childish addiction, this is addiction.

9. …

Facebook, February 5 …

(February , author of the defendant Aldís.

01. … And defeat him and his child molestation alliance.

Morgunútvarp, Rás 2, 17. January 308 , author and performer defendant Sigmar, alternate defendant Aldís.

12. … That Jón Baldvin used his position as ambassador to have her forcibly placed in a psychiatric ward.

13. The meeting between Aldís and Jón Baldvins says that she proved to be fortunate and that she was for the first time in a psychiatric ward.

14. … That Jón Baldvin contacted the social services and the psychiatric ward with a view to getting her forcibly placed once again.

14. She also says that Jón Baldvin committed adultery when she was an adult woman.

Sigmar is said to have violated the code of ethics

In the policy says that Sigmar is responsible for the comments that are numbered – 14 and broadcast them on Channel 2’s Morgunútvarpi. may protect their interests in the case. There is also a requirement that a judgment be published on Channel 2’s Morgunútvarpi with daily fines that amount to daily 47 a thousand ISK. It is also stated that Aldís was given the opportunity to conclude the case with an apology and to withdraw the comments and admit that they were wrong. In addition to paying damages, but this has not been taken into account. all. The claim for damages against Sigmar is based on the fact that he seriously weighed in on Jón Baldvin’s honor; committed an illegal injury against Jón and is responsible for it; “After all, these are defamatory insults that are both false and spread out and made public against a better consciousness. It is clear that the defendant’s respect has been damaged, as well as his reputation and persona. from June 1 2019.

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