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Jamie Carragher slams Andre Onana for yelling at Harry Maguire

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Jamie Carragher has criticised Manchester United goalkeeper Andre Onana for shouting at Harry Maguire during a pre-season friendly match against Borussia Dortmund in July.

The African keeper was in his second game for United during this match, having recently joined from Inter Milan.

He expressed his displeasure with the English centre-back due to an error Maguire made that allowed the Bundesliga team a goal-scoring chance, which Onana managed to save.

Onana was so furious about Maguire’s mistake that he swiftly ran seven yards to confront the Englishman about it.

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However, Maguire absorbed the criticism without reacting, leaving Jamie Carragher astonished by the Cameroonian goalkeeper’s behaviour. While talking to the Telegraph, the pundit said:

“Manchester United fans jeered Maguire during pre-season games in 2022 and 2023. One of the most distasteful incidents of all occurred during the friendly with Borussia Dortmund in July when new signing Andre Onana started yelling at Maguire – in my view disgracefully playing to the gallery to endear himself to United fans.”

“I watched that in disbelief, but it said everything about what had gone wrong. Maguire was still the club captain then.”

“He should have reacted furiously, put Onana in his box and demanded respect. Instead, he has the persona of someone whose confidence and authority are utterly broken.”

While Onana had valid reasons to be upset with Maguire for his mistake, he should have handled the situation more professionally and refrained from shouting at his teammate during a friendly match.

The keeper’s outburst was unnecessary and only added to the criticism that the 30-year-old defender has faced recently.

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It is likely that both players would have resolved their differences privately, and Onana might regret his emotional reaction in hindsight. Nonetheless, the incident has already left its mark.

Given his recent inconsistent performance, Maguire needed support and understanding from both his teammates and fans.

The veteran player is in a vulnerable position and needs all the backing and motivation he can receive to regain his form. Publicly criticizing him is not what he needs at this moment.

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