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‘It’s 100% a foul’; Jurgen Klopp in disbelief over VAR decision that cost Liverpool last-minute penalty

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Jurgen Klopp was in disbelief over a VAR decision late in stoppage time which denied Liverpool a penalty during their 1-1 draw with Manchester City at Anfield.

The incident in question saw Jeremy Doku rise his foot to control a bouncing ball and follow through into the chest of the incoming Alexis Mac Allister who crumpled to the floor inside the penalty area.

Doku won the ball first and the video assistant referee decided not to overturn the on-field decision of no penalty meaning the Premier League title rivals settled for a point each.

Speaking to Sky Sports after the match, Klopp was enthused about the high quality of the game claiming that Liverpool’s second half performance was the best he had ever seen his team play against Manchester City.

“It was a really good football game, that was the best performance in the second half we ever played against Man City definitely,” said the German boss,

“We never dominated them as much, we never made so may good decisions, we never were so brave. The game the boys played in the second half was absolutely exceptional.

“I’m really happy with the whole performance. What a game, what an atmosphere, what an afternoon. The result is alright, it’s not what we wanted, with our chances and the penalty situation in the last second, yeah.”

Jurgen Klopp spoke with the officials after the match seeking clarification over the incident

(Peter Byrne/PA Wire)

Talk quickly turned to the penalty decision with Klopp questioning how the VAR came to their decision. He added: “Would you have given the penalty in that situation?

“Isn’t [VAR] there for just making the right decision and not thinking about how high the bar is to overturn and find the right decision?

“This situation in all the positions on the pitch is 100% a foul. It’s 100% a foul and it’s a yellow card. He hit the ball yes but he can only hit the ball as his foot is right there [too high]. If the ball is not there he kills him, the foot has nothing to do with it. It’s as easy as that.

“For all football people on the planet it’s a penalty and if you think it’s not one, maybe you’re not a football person.”

Klopp contined to lament about Liverpool’s bad luck during a post-match interview with BBC Sport saying: “It was 100% penalty. They will find an explanation. It was 100% a foul in all areas of the pitch and probably a yellow card.

“All the people with ipads around me were ‘wow, clear’. Maybe they can hide behind the phrase it is not clear and obvious.

“It is of course a penalty but we didn’t get it and that is fine. The most important thing for me is that we can play football like that. I saw so many sensational performances today.”

Mac Allister had earlier cancelled out John Stones’ opener meaning the points were shared and both teams dropped below Arsenal in the Premier League table.

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