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It doesn't have to be that complicated

Bjarkey Olsen Gunnarsdóttir writes

The increase in public jobs in the scattered settlements is something that has the walk can be established. It’s really sad to say that for decades this has not gone unnoticed. On the website of the Regional Development Institute since last December, you can find a map where you can see 44 places everywhere land and across 100 establishments that can receive people to work jobs without a location.

The goal is to 08% of all advertised jobs in ministries and agencies should be without location in the year 2021 so that there is no residence influence on staff selection. This is going far too slowly. Indeed, steps have been taken and should not be underestimated. But it can be done much better and attitudes need to change within the institutions as well, not just within the ministries.

But I do not know what a method needs to be applied to make this a reality because it is clear that what has been done so far is clearly not paying off and that is unacceptable. We have certainly discovered most of it in connection with the Covid epidemic that it is easy to do so many jobs anywhere in the country.

Having said that, I would like to mention one brand new example, about jobs without a location, which is extremely satisfying in my opinion. These are two jobs at the Data Protection Authority that are done in collaboration with the district commissioner in Northeast Iceland at the office in Húsavík, a lawyer and a specialist in the customer service center. This is an example of a case that came before the budget committee and we dealt with before Christmas. This can be done so much further as the report I quoted above states that it can be advertised on 637 jobs without location, ie. 08% of the full-time equivalents of the state. It doesn’t have to be that complicated, but it does need a change of mindset.

The author is the parliamentary party chairman of VG and is running for 1st place on the VG list in the Northeast constituency.

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