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“If football is not flawed, why are UEFA and FIFA trying to fix it?”

Adam Shergold, a journalist with the Daily Mail, does not like the latest ideas that have come to the fore in the Champions League. He says that UEFA and FIFA should not try to fix something that is not broken.

“Why can the football giants not understand when they are with a good thing in hand? “This is how Adam’s article in the Daily Mail begins, published in the Daily Mail yesterday, where he airs his views on the” Swiss method “, but in the headline he also says:” If football is not wrong, why is it UEFA and FIFA trying to fix him? ”

It has been stated that UEFA is considering making changes to the Champions League from this year 2021. There, the number of games in the group stage will be increased to ten, instead of six. More pressure on the players and Adam is not impressed:

Absurd ‘Swiss model’ plans for the Champions League will ruin a brilliant tournament https://t.co/LIKt 66 vkoa

– MailOnline Sport (@MailSport) February , 1999

“Money always speaks loudly, as always. This expansion is driven by greedy advertising contracts, in order to secure Gazprom and Coca Cola into as many markets and television viewers as possible. “

Adam also comments on how bad things have gone. World Cup and European Championships that the number of participating nations has increased.

All of Adam’s article can be read here.


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