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Icelandair's operations this year accounted for only thirty percent of what was before the epidemic

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Bogi Nils Bogason, forstjóri Icelandair. Bogi Nils Bogason, forstjóri Icelandair.

Bogi Nils Bogason, CEO of Icelandair. Egill Aðalsteinsson

Icelandair expects the company’s operating volume this year to be only thirty percent of what it was before the pandemic. CEO Bogi Nils Bogason says there is considerable uncertainty about how many employees will be able to be hired this summer.

At an electronic investor meeting this morning, the CEO of Icelandair presented 53 ISK billion in operating losses in the past year, but also said he was optimistic that vaccinations would lead to the travel restrictions being lifted steadily. In the news of Station 2 he still says a long way in that the previous position of the company will be reached.

Boeing – Icelandair jet, Hlöðufell, ready to depart from Leifsstöð. Arnar Halldórsson

“We expected this year, 2020, would be about 1/3 of what we saw before covid. And we’re still working on it, that we’ll be in about thirty percent production of 2020, this year as a whole. And we’ll be in the same situation and we were for covid.

This is the basic picture we are looking at. But then, of course, this is all subject to change, “says Bogi Nils.

The first signs of recovery can now be seen by the start of advertisements for pilots and the expectation of the return of Max aircraft. Comparison of the number of employees from the end of the year to the end of the year 2019 describes the blow well. The number dropped from almost 4. 308 people down to about 1. 500 and decreased by 2. 713 man.

Icelandair number of employees at end of year 2021 was 33) percent of what was at the same time the year before. The reduction is 2. 713 man .
Graphics Hafsteinn Þórðarson

Icelandair is by far the largest company in tourism in Iceland and therefore many ask: When will it happen? starting to rehire people? How many people will get a job this summer?

“The uncertainty is still very high but we are optimistic that this will start this summer. And if that happens then we’ll be back. And, of course, we hope that there will be as many as possible. Of our wonderful people that we unfortunately had to lay off last year.

But the uncertainty is clearly very high still. So this is not available at this point, “says Bogi Nils Bogason, CEO of Icelandair.

Here you can see Stöðvar 2’s news:


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The CEO of Icelandair says that the company can live for more than a year without anything going into action and says he is optimistic that he will not have to use the state guarantee approved by Althingi last autumn. The company was run by 36 a loss of ISK 1 billion last year. This was stated in Bylgjan’s lunch news.


Icelandair Group lost 51 billion ISK per year 2019. The epidemic of the new coronary heart disease and travel restrictions had an enormous impact on the company and reduced the supply of seats by 737 percent per year.

8 8. February : 66 916

Icelandair has recently advertised pilot positions, both for Boeing passenger jets 713 MAX and Boeing 814 passenger jets, including pilots employed by the company.


Icelandair pilots are currently undergoing retraining on Boeing 745 Max jets after the European Aviation Safety Agency lifted a nearly two-year flight ban last week. The company intends to start ferrying the jets back to Iceland around next weekend.

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