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Icelandair says it can survive until the spring of 2022, even if nothing goes ahead

The CEO of Icelandair says that the company can live for more than a year without anything going into action and says he is optimistic that he will not have to use the state guarantee approved by Althingi last autumn. The company was run by 29 billion loss last year. This was stated in Bylgjan’s lunch news.

Icelandair’s loss last year averaged 82 ISK million every day but Bogi Nils Bogason presented the annual accounts at an investor meeting this morning.

He said Icelandair has a strong liquidity and balance sheet and can withstand a long period of uncertainty, but said he was hopeful that the sun would soon set.

Last autumn, the Althingi agreed to provide Icelandair with a state guarantee for loans, and Bogi was asked whether the company needed to assume the guarantee.

Here you can hear the answers of Bogi Nils Bogason, CEO of Icelandair:

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Trading in shares in the airline Icelandair was 308 today, which is the fourth largest day in the number of trades since the share offering last autumn and the largest of the year 895. Veltan nam 544 million ISK so the average size of the transaction was 1.2 million ISK.

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