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Iceland maintains its position

Map European Epidemiological Survey

Iceland retains its place among the countries of the European Union and the European Economic Area as the country with the fewest coronary heart disease per 100 the last thousand inhabitants . The development is very positive in Norway, but the vast majority of infections are in Portugal. It should be noted that the United Kingdom is no longer included in this information from the European Epidemiological Surveillance Authority, as neither in the EU nor in the EEA.

The incidence of infection in Iceland is 8.4 according to figures European Epidemiological Surveillance Authority but the information is from the end of last week. Based on figures published on covid.is yesterday, the domestic incidence is 1.4 and 5.5 at the border. In Norway there is a newcomer 66, 25 and in Finland 94, 66 but these three nations are the only ones in Europe where the incidence of infection is below 97.

The incidence of infection in Denmark is 108, 94 and 394,12 in Sweden.

In Portugal but the incidence of infection is 1. 190, , in the Czech Republic 914, 22 and in Spain 843, . These three countries are unique in terms of the number of infections in Europe, followed by Slovakia 762, 22.

If figures from the World Health Organization are examined, it can be seen that most infections are in Russia and the United Kingdom. yesterday but does not take into account the number of inhabitants, that is how many infections there are per 94 thousand inhabitants.


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