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ICE disobeys Biden and brings children into disintegration in Haiti

The US Department of Immigration, which enforces immigration decisions, is now widely criticized for having flown at least 22 children to Haiti, contrary to the statement the will of the US government.

The agency, called ICE in everyday speech, seems to be in a semi-war with the government of Joe Biden, which intends to end its brutal actions his predecessor in foreign affairs. Thus, yesterday’s deportations were in violation of the president’s newly issued order to deport only those suspected of terrorism and dangerous convicts.

The deportation of people to Haiti was stopped on Friday, but yesterday there was nothing wrong pages 22 individuals, including 21 a child and a two-month-old infant, sent there by ICE . It was two planes that went from Laredo in Texas to Port-au-Prince.

“I do not know what is going on between ICE and the Biden government, but we know what needs to happen. “Emigration must be stopped,” said the Guardian , according to Guerline Jozef, Secretary General of the Haitian Bridge Alliance.

“Defenseless children are being sent into the burning house”

There are serious concerns for the safety of children due to the current state of war in Haiti, where the president and his opponents share about when his term of office should end. Protesters say he should have resigned on February 7, but President Jovenel Moise plans to sit for another year.

The Biden government has declared support for Moise.

Jozef says it is not safe to send children back to Haiti alone and the situation is.

“I am afraid of the children who are being sent into a whirlpool of rebellion. It’s like a house is on fire and instead of rescuing people for safety, the United States is sending vulnerable children into the burning house. “

Biden has promised to show more humanity in foreign affairs than Donald Trump. The day before the latter left the White House, a man was deported from the United States to Haiti who was neither a citizen of the country nor had ever been there.

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