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How will Ole approach the second leg?

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Is a strange situation with a game like this – do you almost have to pretend that it’s level?

“I don’t think players go into a game with the previous score in their head too much. We’ve analysed the game and we know we did well, there were some fine margins and I’m pretty sure our players would want to be part of the team. Of course, deep down we know we’re four goals up, but they beat Alaves 4-0 this week so they’re a team that can score goals.”

Looking at what they’ve been saying since the result over in Spain, it seems they are focused on trying to get some pride back as well, given it was a bit of a wounding result for them…

“Any professional footballer will just make sure he does his best in every single game and that’s what I expect from mine. When we start, we want to go in to this game to win it.”

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