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Harry Maguire explains why he did his celebration vs Albania

man united harry maguire 2020/21 season
Image Via: HonorTheKing/Wikimedia Commons.

Harry Maguire has spoken out on his celebration vs Albania last night.

Manchester United’s struggles have been evident recently. The Baby Faced Assassin is rightly coming under pressure for some pretty bad performances.

However, the Norwegian is not alone in regards to bad form. His players aren’t doing the business for their manager. Whether that’s due to those guys downing tools after a loss of confidence in Solskjaer remains to be seen.

I’d argue that the number one culprit for bad form this season is Harry Maguire. The ex-Leicester City man, who now captain’s United, has been culpable for so many goals that we’ve conceded. Understandably, he’s coming under fire from both fans and press.

Well, after scoring for England last night, our captain decided to both cup his ears and then put his fingers in the ears, as he looked to show some sort of defiance in his celebration…

Well, Maguire has since spoken out about that celebration, claiming that it actually ‘wasn’t directed at anyone’. Ok, we believe you Harry (wink, wink).

Check out what Maguire had to say in full here:

“The celebration was a knee slide, it just came naturally to me. It’s an amazing feeling to score for my country. It wasn’t directed at anyone, it just came naturally to do that and open the scoring for England and get the important three points.” Maguire told Sky Sports after the game.

🗣 Roy Keane on Harry Maguire’s celebration: “[He] puts his hands up to his ears. He’s like ‘shutting the critics up’. I think It’s embarrassing. He’s been a disgrace the last few months for #mufc. He thinks if he scores there, he’s going to shut his critics up. Embarrassing.” 😬 pic.twitter.com/VpaTEQdYWh

— OldTraffordFaithful (@OTFaithful) November 12, 2021

Obviously, it was directed at someone or something. Maguire, in the moment, used it as a way back to hit at his doubters. I have no problem with that, but just own it.

What I do have an issue with is doing it for England. Against Albania. Does he really believe United fans care what he does for the Three Lions? One celebration like that doesn’t forgive the months and months of poor performances.

This is one of the rare moments where I find myself agreeing with Roy Keane. This was embarrassing for Maguire and I feel like the majority of the fans can see right through that.

It wasn’t a big cup final for his club. It was a dead-rubber in a qualifying match for a tournament that England have already qualified for. I just don’t get it.

Sure, come back and do it for United, then we’ll talk.

Was Harry Maguire right to do that celebration? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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