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Guðmundur's party is running in all constituencies this autumn

The Liberal Democratic Party intends to offer a list in all constituencies in the next parliamentary elections which will take place in September.

Guðmundur Franklín Jónsson, entrepreneur in tourism and a former presidential candidate, announced the party’s planned establishment in October. An announcement from Guðmundur states that the candidacy has now been assigned the letter O and that the party’s inaugural meeting will be announced later.

According to Guðmundur, the party will fight “for the country’s sovereignty, direct democracy, resources owned by the nation and against corruption. “

People can always change their minds

Guðmundur Franklin said in a conversation with Vísir in September that many people came to him after the presidential election last year and wanted to push him into politics.

“Maybe that’s the only right thing I have take it well. There is nothing going to happen in the travel industry so I have a good time. You have to protect him well, “said Guðmundur, but he had previously denied that his presidential candidacy was a prelude to participation in politics.

” I was asked about it three times. And said no. But in a democratic society, people can change their minds and now I am melting it down with me – my choice is mine. “

Guðmundur received 7.8 percent of the votes in last year’s presidential election against percentages of Guðni Th. Jóhannesson.

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Guðmundur Franklín Jónsson, a tourism entrepreneur who ran in the last presidential election, intends to run for parliament next year under the banner of the Liberal Democratic Party.

Guðni Th. The President of Iceland, Jóhannesson, would receive superior support if he were elected President now, according to a survey by Maskin for Station 2. The President has over percent percentage in all age groups except for people over sixty where the adherence is 37 percent.


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