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Go straight to the toughest action in the event of a fourth wave

Chief of Police Víðir Reynisson says that immediate action would be taken if there were indications that the fourth wave of the coronavirus epidemic was beginning in this country. The National Commissioner of Police’s Civil Protection Department decided today to reduce the civil protection level from the emergency level to the emergency level, for the first time since October 4.

“One of the things that what we have learned is to be prepared for the fact that if we start to get indications that the fourth wave is about to begin, we will take immediate action. Not to take many weeks to say “hear we are testing this now” so after two weeks we will make the decision to tighten actions a little more, “said Víðir in an interview in Reykjavík this afternoon on Bylgjan today.

He says it has been shown that when harsh measures were put in place, it had the best results.

“I think that we should not take it in any steps when there are indications of the next wave, but take immediate action and drive it down to being manageable and can then relax, “says Víðir.

The situation in this country is considered quite good, few people are diagnosed with the virus every day, no one is admitted to Landspítali due to the virus and vaccinations have started in earnest. It was reported today that Iceland is receiving more vaccine doses against the virus than expected, but vaccines for all Icelanders have already been guaranteed.

“Of course the situation is good, I think we have to agree that it has been quite a few months, I think that the situation has not been so good since before the second wave was starting in August last year, “says Víðir.

” This is a very valuable position for us and we as a society must learn from the experience from last summer and last autumn, how we are going to handle this. ”

He says it is important how much participation there has been in disease control measures. That is what matters most and separates us from the countries around us, where the epidemic is still raging.

“Most countries are dealing with problems with to get everyone, as needed, to be involved in the action. To respect the disease control rules, to understand the actions and take part in this as I think Icelandic society has done, “says Víðir.

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The National Commissioner of Police, in consultation with the Chief Epidemiologist, has decided to move the civil protection level from the emergency level down to the emergency level due to the coronavirus virus. The state of emergency was declared on October 4 2020 when the third wave of the epidemic began and infections began to increase significantly. This is stated in the announcement from the Civil Defense.


As has been the case for the past two weeks, Iceland remains the only country marked in green on the European Epidemiology Agency’s color coding map due to the coronavirus epidemic.

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The result has been achieved in the fight against the coronary virus domestically that now no one is inside Landspítali with an active COVID – 07 smit. Már Kristjánsson, chief physician of the hospital’s infectious diseases department, says that in the minds of the healthcare staff this is a very special day and it should come as no surprise that the hospital staff has borne the brunt of the hard work involved in caring for those most affected by the virus.

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