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Glazers looking at two Solskjaer successors

4 minute read 13/11/2021 | 08:15pm

Manchester United’s owners have their eye on two managers to succeed Ole Gunnar Solskjaer when it comes to the time to relieve the club legend from his duties, according to reputable journalist Lewis Winter for the Daily Express.

Duncan Castles took to the Reach PLC ‘Transfer Window’ podcast to reveal some juicy details in the highly-speculated Manchester United manager saga, claiming that the Glazers have narrowed the search down to two names – Mauricio Pochettino and Brendan Rodgers.

He elaborated by saying: “They are putting out a message that they still believe in the cultural reboot, the kind of PR story that they’ve sold around Solskjaer. They therefore want a manager to fit that profile.

“I think that reduces down to most likely a couple of names, one of whom they’ve been interested in for a long time, Mauricio Pochettino, who may become available because he did not want to be at Paris Saint-Germain this summer, he was ready to go back to Tottenham.

“Paris Saint-Germain is obviously a very fragile situation for any coach. I can see why the Glazers are looking at the possibility that Pochettino might become available at some point during this season.

“Another name very prominent is Brendan Rodgers, who has a profile in terms of the kind of football he plays and development of youth that would appeal and fit with that cultural reboot idea and is interested in moving from Leicester at some point in the not too distant future to one of the top clubs in England.”

Solskjaer is yet to be sacked from the Manchester United, but the clock is running down after mounting speculation from the media and calls from some fans to move on from the former Red Devils striker amid devastating home defeats to two huge rivals in Liverpool and Manchester City.

Rodgers’ record Rodgers is currently managing Leicester City and was recently linked with the Newcastle job, but he quickly dismissed rumours of the move, saying that he was ‘very happy’ at the Foxes. However, could his head turn for a Champions League side with a winning history and Cristiano Ronaldo in tow?

Rodgers’ most famous role is with Manchester United’s fiercest rivals Liverpool, so it would be interesting to see if he would be genuinely interested in taking up the position after almost winning the Premier League with the Merseysiders in 2013/14.

Former Liverpool star Steve McManaman has spoken on the Anfield connection potentially affecting Rodgers move to Manchester United, saying: “I can’t see Brendan going there. I think he’s got the credentials, yes, but I think his history with Liverpool would be too much for everybody.”

Pochettino gets McManaman’s backing Pochettino is the other candidate said to be in contention for the managerial role at Old Trafford. The former Spurs boss is currently in France taking care of a star-studded Paris Saint Germain team which includes the likes of Kylian Mbappe, Neymar and of course Lionel Messi. The Glazers will surely be looking at the PSG manager’s experience with, and connections to, some of the biggest footballers in the world right now.

McManaman also weighed in on Pochettino’s potential for the position at Old Trafford and sees him as a more fitting appointment for United. He wrote in his column for horseracing.net: “It wouldn’t surprise me if Manchester United went back and got Mauricio Pochettino.

“Anyone who works at Paris Saint-Germain for a couple of years has normally had enough of it! And Poch would probably be the man because of his knowledge and experience of England and the Premier League.”

Fans will be buzzing While Rodgers may have strong Liverpool connections as mentioned above, he dominated Scottish football during his time at Celtic, masterminding an unbeaten season in 2016/17, while he also eliminated United en route to winning the FA Cup with Leicester last term.

Meanwhile, Pochettino guided Tottenham to their one and only Champions League final in 2019 and consistently qualified them for the competition, with Spurs sliding significantly since his departure two years ago.

Therefore, considering the rich stock of both candidates on the Glazers’ shortlist, United fans may well be buzzing over the names who are line to replace Solskjaer if the incumbent manager is given his P45 in the near future.

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