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Getafe President On Mason Greenwood’s Future 

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Getafe’s boss, Angel Torres, recently talked about what’s next for striker Mason Greenwood, after much talk about his career following a suspension and then being let go by Manchester United. Greenwood started anew at Getafe for the 2023/24 season after facing serious charges that were later dropped.

His play this season could be key in figuring out his next moves, given the doubts hanging over his return to his old club.

Ángel Torres

In a chat with Radio Marca in Spain, Torres shared hope and a clear look at Greenwood’s case. He pointed out that Greenwood has made a strong comeback at Getafe, netting 10 goals in different matches and proving vital on the field, whether on the sides or in the middle. Manchester United seems ready to fully let go of the young player if they get a good deal.

Torres mentioned that Getafe’s sports head flew to England to watch some games and to talk with Manchester United folks about what’s coming for Greenwood. It looks like United, now run by INEOS, will sell Greenwood if the price is right.

“Last week, The Red Devils told us they want to sell him if they get a good offer. He won’t be going back there,” said Torres.

Even with the unsure future, Getafe has been a great place for Greenwood. The club and its fans have taken him in, giving him the stable ground needed to get back his game after being away from playing for a while.

“The family and the player feel very happy and at home here, thanks to our fans,” noted Torres, showing the warm welcome that has helped Greenwood.

With eight goals in the league and two more in the Copa del Rey, Greenwood’s impact at Getafe has been big. His play has pushed the team toward the top half of La Liga, proving his worth as a leading football player once more.

Mason Greenwood

Looking ahead, Torres is hopeful about retaining Greenwood for at least another season, if not longer.

“I think he will remain with us for another season, or at least until January. He is a good footballer,” Torres affirmed, expressing confidence in Greenwood’s ongoing contribution to the team.

In conclusion, Mason Greenwood’s career appears to be on a path of redemption at Getafe, far from the uncertainties that clouded his future at Manchester United. With the Spanish club keen on extending his stay and United prepared to sell, the next few months could be crucial for Greenwood as he looks to fully reestablish himself in professional football.

For now, Getafe remains a place where he can continue to grow, perform, and possibly reshape a once uncertain future into a promising career revival.

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