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Gaupi talked to Guðni Bergs: A big issue for us and a big issue of interest

Guðjón Guðmundsson met Guðni Bergsson in Laugardalur today and talked to the chairman of the Icelandic Football Association about the upcoming annual meeting of the association.

The increase in the number of teams in the top division of men’s football will be the biggest issue á . annual meeting of the Icelandic Football Association, but changes are also expected in the lower divisions.

“This is of course a big issue for us and a matter of great interest. There are several proposals from the movement to increase the number of games in the league or even reduce the number of teams in the men’s top division. We are reviewing it well with the companies and there is an ongoing working group that is reviewing these proposals, “said Guðni Bergsson, chairman of KSÍ.

” Of course we want to land this and reach an agreement and an agreement on one proposal in the end that is necessary for it to succeed, as it needs an increased majority, “said Guðni. But it has been difficult to land in this case. There are many points of view.

“There are many points of view and it was a working group that did a good job and analyzed this. He came up with one proposal with the same number of teams in the top division, but then it would be divided after two rounds into six teams in the upper and lower divisions. That was the proposal that the working group proposed, “said Guðni.

Klippa: Gaupi talked to Guðni Bergs

Many options and different points of view

“Then there are more proposals for both an increase to fourteen teams, a reduction to ten teams with three rounds and then a triple round with twelve teams. There are many options and different perspectives. We are trying to go over this well and get to the bottom of this important issue, “said Guðni.

Guðni Bergsson had a great career as a footballer and Guðjón Guðmundsson wanted his opinion on what was best in the situation.

“When a big question is asked. I described the ideas of the working group well. I find it an exciting and interesting proposal. It gives us a lot and brings tension well down the middle of the division. This is an interesting arrangement that could give us an exciting divisional competition, “said Guðni.

” There are always pros and cons to all proposals and there are some clubs that want to increase and some clubs that want to reduce. It is up to us to reach a compromise and an agreement on what is the best way forward for us, “said Guðni.

The results have been disappointing

The Icelandic football teams are declining in Europe and the number of European competitions has decreased, which is in fact the lifeblood of the clubs out of the money.

“The results have been disappointing and it has not has been successful in European competitions in recent years. We have discussed it within the movement and I know that all the clubs and we want to improve. There has been a lot of discussion about the achievement work as a whole, both within the companies and here within KSÍ. We have just published an achievement strategy and we want to look for ways to become competitive on a European scale, “said Guðni.

” We intend to do better and one part of that is to increase the number of games in top divisions and that’s what we hope to do. We will then sharpen things up and improve our performance to improve this result. We will do it, I’m quite sure of that, “said Guðni.

Play-offs and lower division trophies

But what about the lower the departments. Some changes are expected there.

“We have a resolution to that effect where we are going to form working groups that will go over the lower divisions and also the upper divisions of women. We need to decide what we want to do with that tournament system. We will possibly increase in the top division for women, for example, “said Guðni and added:

” We will possibly come in with a play-off for the lower divisions which has been my hobby like the lower division cup which has been discussed for some time. That would be a very interesting option that we will go over well. There is a lot of growth and atmosphere around our tournament, “said Guðni.

You can find all of Gaup’s interview with Guðni Bergsson above.


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