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Friday, September 17, 2021

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Friday playlist by Sigtrygg Berg

The artist Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, who has not bought a Spotify subscription for fear of giving them material media on the boat, collected in a playlist from the distant descendants of the Swedish provider.

He forms the experimental music duo Stilluppsteypa together with Helgi Thorsson, but they were also both members of the electro-glass band Evil Madness together with Jóhann Jóhannsson, DJ Musician and BJ Nilsen.

Sigtryggur lives in Germany and works there with his art and music. A new solo album from him is expected in about two weeks. The album is called SHIP 2020 and is a “birthday album” for his first solo album which was released this year 2001 and is called SHIP . „ is not a reissue of the first album but a completely new material that picks up the thread where SHIP ended before 20 years ago. “

Sigtryggur is a deep diver in music junk as well as in film obsession, as the members of his facebook group” Cold and extremely strange movies “know. Five of the songs he dug up on Spotify, for example, turned out not to be on the media at the time.

One of them was in the German cover version, although the original was missing. “Hollywood Seven is originally by the Dutchman Alides Hidding, who was then covered by Juliane Werding with German subtitles. A crazy song that was about to get hot but didn’t happen. But it’s good that Juliane’s cover is at least on the list, “says Sigtryggur.

Great Eydís is on the list, among other things in the form of an Italian disco and an iron chain of leather hero rock, but the selection is varied. You can add headphones below.


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