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Football falls short on targets for women

Under the diversity code, the target for new female coaching hires at women’s clubs was 50% but the signatories collectively managed 46.1%Football clubs and signatories signed up to the Football Leadership Diversity Code have failed to hit any of the recruitment targets for women.

A report by the Football Association says targets on recruiting women to senior leadership, team operations and coaching roles were all missed.

The Football Leadership Diversity Code (FLDC) was launched in October 2020 to help tackle inequality in the game.

It now has more than 50 signatories across England.

Overall, clubs and governing bodies collectively fell short of the target to make 30% of new hires in senior leadership positions women, with 20.8% recorded at the end of August.

Other targets missed:

The target for new coaching hires at women’s clubs was 50% – the signatories collectively managed 46.1%.The target for new female hires in team operations roles was 30% – the signatories reached 27.8%.There were better results with the recruitment of individuals from black, Asian or mixed heritage backgrounds.

Signatories achieved 27.8% of new hires from this group, with the target at 10%.In senior leadership positions the target was 15%, and collectively signatories reached 17.9%.The report summary stated: “Despite the challenging backdrop, the first annual results from the code show promise.

“There is still clearly more work to do in other areas of the code where football didn’t reach its collective targets, but overall these results represent a solid platform on which we hope to build.”

The FA also announced a version of the FLDC would now be extended into the National League System, the grassroots game and the women’s pyramid.

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