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Fantasy Premier League: How to get the most out of your chips

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Fantasy Premier League is about to enter the most hectic period of the season, where blank and double gameweeks come at you thick and fast, so making the most of your chips is absolutely crucial. 

Gameweek 28 will see Bournemouth and Luton Town play twice, while 12 teams won’t have a fixture the following week.

There is also likely to be doubles in GW34 and an even bigger one in GW37, while some fixtures could be moved into other gameweeks. We’ll know more once the FA Cup quarter-finals have been wrapped up next week.

FPL Deadline: Saturday, March 9, 11:00 am GMT.

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Every strategy is contingent on what players you have in your squad – and what chips remain in your deck – so it’s important to note that these strategies are not a one size fits all solution. You need to assess your squad, see what you need, and go with the plan that suits those needs.

A large percentage of FPL managers will have already used at least one chip so far this season, but some of you still have all of your chips intact. We will now run through when is the best time to use the second Wildcard (WC), Triple Captain (TC), Bench Boost (BB) and Free Hit (FH).

Remember, you can only use one chip in a single gameweek.

Free Hit in GW29, Wildcard in GW30/31/32/33/35, Triple Captain in GW34, Bench Boost in GW37

With so few fixtures in GW29, FPL managers have been forced into using a chip ahead of next weekend. The FH chip is preferable to the WC, as you don’t have to fill your team with players from just eight clubs who you can’t shift later on. Instead, you can load up on guys who are playing and your team will revert to its previous iteration in GW30.

Managers can then use their WC to change up their squad after the blank gameweek, which could be used to accommodate Mo Salah if he is fully fit. Activating the WC in GW30 or 31 means there’s more chance of reaping returns over a longer period, but using it in GW33 means you can set up your team for double GW34 and use your BB then.

That would leave your TC for double GW37, although some managers may prefer an alternative strategy: TC in GW34, WC in GW35, and BB in GW37. However, this leaves minimal time to reap the benefits of your WC, although there is less room for things to go wrong.

Fantasy Premier League: Five transfers to target in GW28

Wildcard in GW28/29, Triple Captain in GW34, Bench Boost in GW37

If you used your FH earlier in the season, you have two options: use free transfers and take hits to be able to field something resembling a team in blank GW29, or wildcard now to have at least 11 players from the eight playing clubs.

Option one is risky because there’s no guarantee you’ll get back the points you spent on taking hits for your transfers, but you will retain your WC.

Option two gives you the chance to have a full squad, but you may be left with a lot of players that you don’t need in the run-in. Whichever road you take, focus on Aston Villa and Spurs attackers primarily, as they are decent medium term options, although the Villans’ fixtures get tougher soon.

Wildcarding now is a good short-term solution, but it means you can’t set your team up for the BB in GW34 or GW37.

No Wildcard Strategy

We’ve gone over the best times to use your remaining chips, but if you have already used your wildcard then you only have 11 free transfers for the rest of the season (10 if you’re reading this after the GW28 deadline). Using these smartly is absolutely crucial to gaining rank during the run-in.

At this point of the season I’m not opposed to taking hits, but they need to be focused around maximising returns in double gameweeks and with chips in mind. Taking a -4 on two players who have a double gameweek like, say, Dominic Solanke and Alfie Doughty in GW28 is already a net gain before they’ve taken to the pitch as they are practically guaranteed to start both games, so that’s four points in the back pocket even if they don’t get goals, assists or, in the latter’s case, a clean sheet.

Presumably, those of you that have used the WC recently or activated it this week have done so with blank GW29 in mind and set up your teams accordingly. That means you can use your FH in GW34 or GW37 to maximise your returns from the doubles.

No Triple Captain Strategy

Some of us made the somewhat regrettable decision to use their TC chip on Erling Haaland in GW25, leaving us feel a little unfulfilled, but it also removes the burden of having to worry about it. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

It leaves the possibility of using the FH in GW34 (if you’re set up for blank GW29), while keeping the BB for GW37.

Fantasy Premier League: When to use your wildcard and FPL chips

Triple Captain in GW28

If you were one of the lucky people who didn’t , then you might be wondering when is the best time to use it. As mentioned earlier, the doubles in GW34 and GW37 may provide ample opportunity to captain a Haaland or a Mo Salah.

But this weekend offers a plausible, indeed altogether more fun option, and that is Solanke. Bournemouth face Sheffield United and Luton Town at home this weekend, which may be the best set of fixtures I have ever seen in a double gameweek.

Sure, the £7.1m forward’s big hauls are sparing, he’s blanked in his last two games and is in some discomfort, but imagine how alive you’ll feel when you smash that TC button ahead of the deadline. And that’s what FPL is all about.

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