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Family tragedy at Lækjartorg

The main proceedings have begun in the defamation case of Jón Baldvin Hannibalsson, former ambassador and minister, against his daughter Aldís Schram, journalist Sigmar Guðmundsson and Ríkisútvarpið. The main proceedings are expected to end on Friday with the litigation of the parties’ lawyers.

The case concerns comments made on Channel 2’s Morgunútvarp on 17. January of the year 2020 and subsequently on Aldís’ Facebook page on 5 February. Jón Baldvin demands non-marking of fourteen comments that were made in the episode and he considers them defamatory.

Jón Baldvin demands 2.5 million ISK in compensation from Sigmar but does not demand financial compensation from his daughter.

The claim for damages against Sigmar is based on the fact that he seriously weighed in on the honor of Jón Baldvin; committed an illegal injury against Jón and is responsible for it; “After all, these are defamatory insults that are both false and spread out and made public against a better consciousness. It is clear that the defendant’s respect has been damaged, as well as his fame and personality. ”

Jón Baldvin, Aldís and Sigmar will all report today. It is also expected that Bryndís Schram, Jón Baldvin’s wife, will appear in court in addition to Kolfinna Baldvinsdóttir, the couple’s daughter.

Jón Baldvin’s and Bryndís’ quarrel with their daughter Aldís has been prominent in the media in recent months. The couple have described their dispute with Aldís as a family tragedy.

Below you can see photos that Vilhelm Gunnarsson, Vísir’s photographer, took in the Reykjavík District Court at Lækjartorg before the main proceedings in the case began.


Life and animation at the home of Bryndís and Jón Baldvins this weekend.

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A woman who accused former foreign minister Jón Baldvin Hannibalsson of sexual offenses says that his wife apologized for the incident at the time. Jón Baldvin’s lawyer says that the allegations are unsubstantiated.

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