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FA Cup history: List of FA Cup winners, finals and who has won the most FA Cups?

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The FA Cup has been around for more than 150 years, and the sport has evolved quite a bit between the Wanderers’ 1871-72 triumph over the Royal Engineers and the Manchester derbies staged over the past two finals.The latest was a stunner, as Manchester United turned the tables on 2022-23 champs Manchester City to take derby honors quite a distance from Wembley.[ MORE: FA Cup 2023-24 hub — Schedule, results ]Man City were aiming to become the first back-to-back winners since Arsenal in 2015, the year before United won its last FA Cup trophy. Whoops.Here are all the FA Cup winners and finals in the history of the competition.1871-72: Wanderers defeat Royal Engineers 1-01872-73: Wanderers defeat Oxford University 2-11873-74: Oxford University defeat Royal Engineers 2-01874-75: Royal Engineers defeat Old Etonians, 1-1, 2-0 (replay)1875-76: Wanderers defeat Old Etonians, 1-1, 3-0 (replay)1876-77: Wanderers defeat Oxford University 2-11877-78: Wanderers defeat Royal Engineers 3-11878-79: Old Etonians defeat Clapham Rovers 1-01879-80: Clapham Rovers defeat Oxford University 1-01880-81: Old Carthusians defeat Old Etonians 3-01881-82: Old Etonians defeat Blackburn Rovers 1-01882-83: Blackburn Olympic defeat Old Etonians 2-11883-84: Blackburn Rovers defeat Queen’s Park 2-11884-85: Blackburn Rovers defeat Queen’s Park 2-01885-86: Blackburn Rovers defeat West Bromwich Albion 0-0, 2-0 (replay)1886-87: Aston Villa defeat West Bromwich Albion 2-01887-88: West Bromwich Albion defeat Preston North End 2-11888-89: Preston North End defeat Wolverhampton Wanderers 3-01889-90: Blackburn Rovers defeat The Wednesday 6-11890-91: Blackburn Rovers defeat Notts County 3-11891-92: West Bromwich Albion defeat Aston Villa 3-01892-93: Wolverhampton Wanderers defeat Everton 1-01893-94: Notts County defeat Bolton Wanderers 4-11894-95: Aston Villa defeat West Bromwich Albion 1-01895-96: The Wednesday defeat Wolverhampton Wanderers 2-11896-97: Aston Villa defeat Everton 3-21897-98: Nottingham Forest defeat Derby County 3-11898-99: Sheffield United defeat Derby County 4-11899-1900: Bury defeat Southampton1900-01: Tottenham Hotspur defeat Sheffield United 2-2, 3-1 (replay)1901-02: Sheffield United defeat Southampton 1-1, 2-1 (replay)1902-03: Bury defeat Derby County 6-01903-04: Manchester City defeat Bolton Wanderers 1-01904-05: Aston Villa defeat Newcastle United 2-01905-06: Everton defeat Newcastle United 1-01906-07: The Wednesday defeat Everton 2-11907-08: Wolverhampton Wanderers defeat Newcastle United 3-11908-09: Manchester United defeat Bristol City 1-01909-10: Newcastle United defeat Barnsley 1-1, 2-0 (replay)1910-11: Bradford City defeat Newcastle United 0-0, 1-0 (replay)1911-12: Barnsley defeat West Bromwich Albion 0-0, 1-0 (replay)1912-13: Aston Villa defeat Sunderland 1-01913-14: Burnley defeat Liverpool 1-01914-15: Sheffield United defeat Chelsea 3-01915-16 through 1918-19: Not contested (World War I)1919-20: Aston Villa defeat Huddersfield Town 1-01920-21: Tottenham Hotspur defeat Wolverhampton Wanderers 1-01921-22: Huddersfield Town defeat Preston North End 1-01922=23: Bolton Wanderers defeat West Ham United 2-01923-24: Newcastle United defeat Aston Villa 2-01924-25: Sheffield United defeat Cardiff City 1-01925-26: Bolton Wanderers defeat Manchester City 1-01926-27: Cardiff City defeat Arsenal 1-01927-28: Blackburn Rovers defeat Huddersfield Town 3-11928-29: Bolton Wanderers defeat Portsmouth 2-01929-30: Arsenal defeat Huddersfield Town 2-01930-31: West Bromwich Albion defeat Birmingham City 2-11931-32: Newcastle United defeat Arsenal 2-11932-33: Everton defeat Manchester City 3-01933-34: Manchester City defeat Portsmouth 2-11934-35: Sheffield Wednesday defeat West Bromwich Albion 4-21935-36: Arsenal defeat Sheffield United 1-01936-37: Sunderland defeat Preston North End 3-11937-38: Preston North End defeat Huddersfield Town 1-01938-39: Portsmouth defeat Wolverhampton Wanderers 4-11939-40 through 1944-45: Not contested (World War II)1945-46: Derby County defeat Charlton Athletic 4-11946-47: Charlton Athletic defeat Burnley 1-01947-48: Manchester United defeat Blackpool 4-21948-49: Wolverhampton Wanderers defeat Leicester City 3-11949-50: Arsenal defeat Liverpool 2-01950-51: Newcastle United defeat Blackpool 2-01951-52: Newcastle United defeat Arsenal 1-01952-53: Blackpool defeat Bolton Wanderers 4-31953-54: West Bromwich Albion defeat Preston North End 3-21954-55: Newcastle United defeat Manchester City 3-11955-56: Manchester City defeat Birmingham City 3-11956-57: Aston Villa defeat Manchester United 2-11957-58: Bolton Wanderers defeat Manchester United 2-01958-59: Nottingham Forest defeat Luton Town 2-11959-60: Wolverhampton Wanderers defeat Blackburn Rovers 3-01960-61: Tottenham Hotspur defeat Leicester City 2-01961-62: Tottenham Hotspur defeat Burnley 3-11962-63: Manchester United defeat Leicester City 3-11963-64: West Ham United defeat Preston North End 3-21964-65: Liverpool defeat Leeds United 2-11965-66: Everton defeat Sheffield Wednesday 3-21966-67: Tottenham Hotspur defeat Chelsea 2-11967-68: West Bromwich Albion defeat Everton 1-01968-69: Manchester City defeat Leicester City 1-01969-70: Chelsea defeat Leeds United 2-2, 2-1 (replay)1970-71: Arsenal defeat Liverpool 2-11971-72: Leeds United defeat Arsenal 1-01972-73: Sunderland defeat Leeds United 1-01973-74: Liverpool defeat Newcastle United 3-01974-75: West Ham United defeat Fulham 2-01975-76: Southampton defeat Manchester United 1-01976-77: Manchester United 2-1 Liverpool1977-78: Ipswich Town defeat Arsenal 1-01978-79: Arsenal defeat Manchester United 3-21979-80: West Ham United defeat Arsenal 1-01980-81: Tottenham Hotspur defeat Manchester City 1-1, 3-2 (replay)1981-82: Tottenham Hotspur defeat Queens Park Rangers 1-1, 1-0 (replay)1982-83: Manchester United defeat Brighton & Hove Albion 2-2, 4-0 (replay)1983-84: Everton defeat Watford 2-01984-85: Manchester United defeat Everton 1-01985-86: Liverpool defeat Everton 3-11986-87: Coventry City defeat Tottenham Hotspur 3-21987-88: Wimbledon defeat Liverpool 1-01988-89: Liverpool defeat Everton 3-21989-90: Manchester United defeat Crystal Palace 3-3, 1-0 (replay)1990-91: Tottenham Hotspur defeat Nottingham Forest 2-11991-92: Liverpool defeat Sunderland 2-01992-93: Arsenal defeat Sheffield Wednesday 1-1, 2-1 (replay)1993-94: Manchester United defeat Chelsea 4-01994-95: Everton defeat Manchester United 1-01995-96: Manchester United defeat Liverpool 1-01996-97: Chelsea defeat Middlesbrough 2-01997-98: Arsenal defeat Newcastle United 2-01998-99: Manchester Unired defeat Newcastle United 2-01999-2000: Chelsea defeat Aston Villa 1-02000-01: Liverpool defeat Arsenal 2-12001-02: Arsenal defeat Chelsea 2-02002-03: Arsenal defeat Southampton 1-02003-04: Manchester United defeat Millwall 3-02004-05: Arsenal defeat Manchester United 0-0 (penalties)2005-06: Liverpool defeat West Ham United 3-3 (penalties)2006-07: Chelsea defeat Manchester United 1-02007-08: Portsmouth defeat Cardiff City 1-02008-09: Chelsea defeat Everton 2-12009-10: Chelsea defeat Portsmouth 1-02010-11: Manchester City defeat Stoke City 1-02011-12: Chelsea defeat Liverpool 2-12012-13: Wigan Athletic defeat Manchester City 1-02013-14: Arsenal defeat Hull City 3-22014-15: Arsenal defeat Aston Villa 4-02015-16: Manchester United defeat Crystal Palace 2-12016-17: Arsenal defeat Chelsea 2-12017-18: Chelsea defeat Manchester United 1-02018-19: Manchester City defeat Watford 6-02019-20: Arsenal defeat Chelsea 2-12020-21: Leicester City defeat Chelsea 1-02021-22: Liverpool defeat Chelsea 0-0 (penalties)2022-23: Manchester City defeat Manchester United 2-12023-24: Manchester United defeat Manchester United 2-1Who has won the most FA Cups?Arsenal and Manchester United have reached the most FA Cup Finals with 21 each, but it’s the Gunners who have claimed the most crowns with 14 triumphs.Arsenal — 14Manchester United — 13Chelsea — 8Liverpool — 8Tottenham — 8Manchester City — 7Aston Villa — 7Newcastle United — 6Blackburn Rovers — 6Everton — 5West Bromwich Albion — 5Wanderers — 5Wolverhampton Wanderer — 4Bolton Wanderers — 4Sheffield United — 4Sheffield Wednesday — 3West Ham United — 3Preston North End — 2Old Etonians — 2Portsmouth — 2Sunderland — 2Nottingham Forest — 2Bury — 2Teams with one FA Cup: Huddersfield Town, Leicester City, Oxford University, Royal Engineers, Derby County, Leeds United, Southampton, Burnley, Cardiff City, Blackpool, Clapham Rovers, Notts County, Barnsley, Charlton Athletic, Old Carthusians, Blackburn Olympic, Bradford City, Ipswich Town, Coventry City, Wimbledon, Wigan Athletic.

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