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Exclusive: Second half of Ole’s international Q&A

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Essential viewing: Part one of Ole’s fan Q&AVideo

Nick, from the USA | Hey, Ole. When you moved from a player to a manager, what mindsets or skills did you directly carry over to coaching? And what aspects did you have to modify, given your extensive playing history?

“Good question. For me, it was a quick transition from being a player to a coach. I got injured, told the manager I needed an operation, and he said: ‘Oh, why don’t you come and coach the forwards in the first team?’ So it was a quick transition for me. He gave me two or three weeks to get my head around it – my new role – and then I got into trying to improve the players. Of course, I tried to use all my experience from how I was thinking as a player when trying to improve the players. Then you go more into management, which requires a different skillset. You don’t go out and coach every single one, every day, so now you’re trying to learn the triggers to improve everyone. It’s a very good question and it deserves a bigger and a longer answer, but what I learned from Sir Alex, as well, I try to bring with me and pass on to my players.”

Misan, from the USA | How do you cope with any negativity directed towards you in the press?

“No problem at all, because I know when we play well, I know when we play badly. I know if I’ve done the preparation that I should have done. So the criticism, that doesn’t affect me at all. Absolutely no problem at all. It’s our performances – and not so much bad results – but bad performances is what affects me the most. Because it makes us, as a coaching staff, a managing group… it makes us sit back and think: how can we improve the team more? Because we all work every single day to improve the team and we see the improvement but, once in a while when we get a disappointment, you [ask] ‘Do we change what we’re doing? Or do we just believe what we’re doing?’ So the criticism is no problem. I don’t care about that. We know ourselves when we’ve done well or bad.”

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