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Excludes a referendum on a united Ireland in the coming years

Brexit increased interest in the unification of Ireland Interest in and discussions about a possible unification of Ireland and Northern Ireland have increased in the run-up to and after Brexit, although support for the idea has not grown as decisively as with Scottish independence. And unlike the Scottish Home Rule Government, the current Government of the Republic of Ireland has not been in favor of holding a referendum on unification.

That has not changed. “I do not envisage a referendum on the border in the next few years and certainly not while this government is in power,” Martin said in an interview with France television station . . On the contrary, he worked with his government to find ways for Ireland on both sides of the border to divide the green island into peace and harmony.

The Prime Minister says that he places more emphasis on uniting people than territories and getting them to work together on important issues and common interests, regardless of where their government is based.

A radical and greatly improved relationship between Ireland and the United Kingdom Martin says that relations and relations between Ireland and the United Kingdom have developed and changed for the better in recent decades, not least during the time when both countries were He says he is optimistic that the union will be as good as ever, now that the British have left the union, as interests u values ​​of Ireland, the European Union and Britain for the most part together.

The Northern Ireland Annex will hold In the Annex to the Brexit Treaty on the Arrangement on the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland explains how they can be kept open, despite the fact that Ireland is in the European Union but Northern Ireland is not.

The key point in this is that the customs border between The United Kingdom and the European Union are being moved from the Irish-Northern Ireland border to the Irish Channel – as they say between Northern Ireland and the British mainland.

This is not least done in order not to violate the peace treaty from 1998, which clearly stipulates the free movement of persons and goods between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, without border structures or controls of any kind.

This solution has hurt many of Northern Ireland’s allies, who say it’s discrimination that harms Northern Ireland’s economy and economy. They are therefore pressuring the British government to drop this annex.

Martin is not afraid that the London government will give in to that pressure and is optimistic that an acceptable solution will be found to the problems that arise. has come, to the benefit of both parties.

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